Aromatic Facial: £60 (1hr)
Taster Facial: £30 (30 mins)

Skin conditioning plant actives and soothing massage techniques deeply cleanse and renew radiance, tailored to your skin’s needs. (Suitable during pregnancy)

Salt Glo: £35 (30 mins)

Your skin is polished and softened leaving it glowing and replenished.

Sole Delight Foot Treatment: £35 (30 mins)

Cleansing, nourishing and conditioning treatment for your feet. (Suitable during pregnancy)

Back Smoother: £30 (30 mins)

A cleansing, relaxing and nourishing treatment for this hard to reach area. Its like a facial for your back.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap: £60 (50 mins)

Dead Sea mud has been prized for its health benefits since Roman times. This treatment soothes and nourished the skin and relaxes and detoxes the muscles.

Chocolate Body Wrap: £60 (50 mins)

Cacao is known for its antioxidant and toning properties – and smells fabulously decadent!  Great for smoothing and nourishing the skin.

Slim Gel Body Wrap: £60 (1hr)

This toning and detoxifying treatment uses warm herbal gel and bandages to detoxify the body and help drain off cellulite. The skin appears firmer and more toned.

Aromatherapy: £75 (1hr 15 mins)

Essential oils are the life force of the plant and can benefit both your body and mind. Combined with massage, essential oils can do everything from beautifying skin and speeding healing to banishing stress and revitalizing mind and body. A personalised massage treatment with essential oils individually selected for you.

Indian Head Massage: £30 (30 mins)

Vigorous massage of the head, neck and shoulders which is performed fully dressed. It relieves stress, removes toxins and encourages hair growth. (Suitable during pregnancy)

Full Body Massage: £60 (60 mins)
Back Massage: £30 (30 mins)

An ancient healing art which relieves the strains of daily life and helps restore aching muscles, improves circulation and rids the body of toxins.

Aromatic Treatment Experience: £95 (1 hour 30 mins)

An aromatic treat on every level including full body personalised aromatherapy massage and luxurious aromatic facial.

Heaven and Earth Experience: £50 (45 mins)

A treat for your face and your feet. Whilst your skin is being treated to a taster facial your feet are being pampered with our sole delight foot treatment.


Treatments are subject to availability and are not available on Friday afternoons.  Times shown are maximum treatment times.  We ask for full payment on booking additional treatments.

Facials, massages and foot treatments are usually suitable during pregnancy but we would recommend you check with your GP. If you have any medical conditions please advise us when booking treatments and check with your GP that it is OK for you to have a treatment.