We specialise in a small number of farmhouse dishes using traditional recipes all designed to be shared.
We cook our meals to order and purchase the food fresh for you from quality local producers and prepare it to your tastes so quality is guaranteed. The maximum number we can cook for is four and we need to know your choices in advance so we can buy ingredients fresh for you. Please let us know if you or any of your party have food allergies.

We offer a selection of classic Farmhouse meals, as each dish is designed to be shared we don’t offer individual portions. They are freshly cooked and then served hot in your cottage all priced at £15pp.  

Classic Farmhouse Meals

Fish Pie served with seasonal vegetables
Homemade Beef Lasagne served with salad and garlic bread
Beef Bourguignon served with salad and roast potatoes or French bread
Homemade Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne served with salad and garlic bread
Cottage Pie served with seasonal vegetables

As we cook everything individually there is limited availability for food so if  you would like a meal we recommend adding it when you book.

Alternatively we are only about 5 minutes walk from the Black Venus pub which offers good food.